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Business Law & Litigation

We serve the Local Business Community in Massachusetts

Very few things are as important to you as your business. Let us help you protect it! 

At Spillane & Mrowka, we are dedicated to providing the sound legal counsel and litigation services you need whether you are an entrepreneurial startup or a larger corporation with many employees. We understand the challenges and disputes that can arise in any commercial enterprise and are ready to help you find the practical and efficient solutions you need to survive and thrive.

Our law firm offers alternative dispute resolution methods such as negotiation, mediation, and arbitration to help you resolve disputes in a more cost-effective and expeditious manner. We can also provide solutions to every-day business operations such as business contracts, sales and vendor agreements, employment law issues, partnership problems, and more.

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Business Law Issues We Handle in Massachusetts

At Spillane & Mrowka, we are a full-service operation when it comes to business issues and disputes.

Our firm handles such matters as:

Business and corporate formations

Employment agreements

Breach of contract

Breach of fiduciary duty

Corporate Investigations

Business torts

Patent, trademark, and copyright filings

Insurance matters and disputes

Business-related criminal matters/white-collar crimes

Partnership and shareholder issues/disputes

Internal Audits

Consumer/customer disputes

Disputes and legal issues are common when running a business. Having the knowledgeable counsel of a trusted business attorney is crucial to making informed decisions. Our firm stands ready to partner with you to ensure that your legal rights and best interests are protected.

We look forward to discussing your civil or business matter with you.

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